Careless and Clueless Journey – Alanya

15 thoughts on “Careless and Clueless Journey – Alanya”

    1. i haven’t discussed it in my blog for the visa thing cause i still have another trip to turkey where i’ll reveal the final answer. but i don’t mind telling you the answer since you ask for it. the visa was for real in fact, no bull. the regulation has changed within a couple of years. there is visa on arrival, but it’s not doable for my passport unfortunately.


    1. thank you! my former schoolmates suggested me to do so. i followed their advise. i will add maps in all my previous posts to maintain the concept, regardless anyone view my old posts or not. thanks for visiting my site!


  1. seru Nyd… sempet tegang diawalnya penasaran lo di bo’ongin apa ga sama petugas imigrasinya tapi tyt emang berubah ya aturannya, g comment pake bahasa gapapa kan yach?


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    1. thanks for visiting my site! i read about it, yet i still don’t get how it works. lemme try again…. thanks for your advise, though. have you used k2 before?


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