Careless and Clueless Journey – Cappadocia

7 thoughts on “Careless and Clueless Journey – Cappadocia”

      1. well, i didn’t make a plan at all at that time. but i think if you want to plan it, consider about:
        – check recent visa requirements
        – check list of attractions, pics, take notes / remember name of the objects you wanna see. open air museum, underground city, ceramic workshop are more than 1. decide which one you want the most and how much time you’ll have
        – if you take a tour, check their itinerary/schedule
        – if you go by yourself, check the local transport
        – if not afraid of heights, ride the air balloon (i haven’t done that btw. but i think it’s fun)
        – it’s a strenuous trip: lots of walking, climbing stairs
        – to admire the sites, really need to go inside the caves etc. not just looking the outside and leave (not fun!)
        – history aficionado required besides adventurous
        – 2 nights not enough, take 4 at least instead!
        perhaps my advice is not the best, but i hope it helps!


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