I Remember: Why We Travel

2 thoughts on “I Remember: Why We Travel”

  1. I love to travel since I was young,even as budget traveller.for me, its an eye opening to see other cultures and scenary.As I grow older,I still like to travel but at the same time, I can appreciate what my country has to offer.


  2. Well, one only has a certain amount of money to travel.

    You know I spent 3 wks. in Greece. After a tan (and sunburn) during the lst week, which included my first topless beach (not me), I had enough of beach sun. But my Greek-Canadian friends wanted to visit 2 more different beaches. I went along. After all, they were doing all the language translation, hotel booking.

    I’ve been to Hawai’i on 2 different trips. I did not deliberately sit out in the sun. Just too hot for me. And I don’t need a tan..for pete’s sake I bike all the time here in Canada and accumulate tan despite lots of sunblock. I enjoyed Hawai’i for its lush tropical Nature, cultural history, etc.


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