On My Way To Amsterdam Part 1: The Train Issue

8 thoughts on “On My Way To Amsterdam Part 1: The Train Issue”

  1. Wow. Your writing is very engaging. I did the opposite – went from airport to Keleti railway station. I took a cab!! Apart from the difficulty with English, Budapest is a really charming place.


    1. If i knew it would be so much trouble, i would take a cab instead! My forint was in short supply and not thinking of going to money changer end of the day. In ended up with disastrous journey. I went to keleti as well, but from wien westbahnhof, vienna by train. Austrian trains are very comfy and organised. Thx for stopping by!


      1. I can’t wait to hear what happened next. I can sense it was a disaster, but the details are always more interesting than the possibility that you missed the flight. 🙂 Keep writing.


    1. i’m still working on writing the sequel of my disastrous journey 😉 no worries. well, actually i came to amsterdam to have a reunion with former classmates during my study life in holland. thanks for visiting!


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