Did I Just See the MH370 Black Box?

MH 370 black box
MH 370 black box, really?

Right. This is not the kind of post I usually do in my blog. However, on the way back home from work, something caught my attention. When I was sitting in the front row of the bus, I accidentally saw the bus driver stepping one of his feet on the black box written with red texts, “BLACK BOX MH370“.

Did I just see the black box of MH370?

As the disappearance of the ill-fated flight still remains a mystery, we all hope that seeking the answer for what happened will come to an end as soon as possible by the discovery of its black box. Hoping that what I saw is the real thing so I can pass it to the experts is part of the wishful thinking.

In terms of an aircraft black box, we all know that orange is the new black. That the driver doesn’t have the knowledge that the colour of a “black box” is actually orange, not black. What the driver has under his foot is a kind of wooden “piggy bank” to store coins, also often seen in many places in Indonesia either as a tipping or a donation box.

Is the inscription “BLACK BOX MH370” meant for a parody, though there’s nothing to laugh about? A mockery, disappointment with the Malaysian authorities? Expression of hope and faith that the truth will be revealed someday? Respect for the victims? I’m not here to judge.

My prayer for the victims, along with those from TransAsia, Air Algerie and MH17, to be in peace, the victims’ families for more strength after being left by loved ones, as well as experts and authorities for more resilience and toughness to find the missing plane despite emerging public critics and anger.

If the MH370 black box was found in a public bus in Jakarta, situated under the driver’s foot, the aviation history would change forever.

Ok, what I just said doesn’t make sense at all. Yet I really do hope that soon or later we will know the truth about the mystery of the missing plane, regardless when, where and how it will be found.


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