Tasting Jokowi’s Favourite Dish: Don’t Ask Too Much, Act Like a Pro!

9 thoughts on “Tasting Jokowi’s Favourite Dish: Don’t Ask Too Much, Act Like a Pro!”

  1. I dont think it cost IDR 80.000 for two, its too expensive for traditional food stall standard. Sorry to hear you were scammed. Another tips to avoid scam: see other customer how much they pay (the money, and the change), then just give the slightly larger banknote (ex. 50.000) and (you’re right) never ask the price.. 🙂


  2. Although that kind of food is not for my taste, I still find the food and the wrap is interesting. Efrat is a very good driver, he drove us in 2010. However, its a shame that you were scammed at the end, a very short minded thinking for doing business.


  3. Surely you’ve heard a common explanation for the recent rise in prices: naik bensin! At least here (in Bali), the higher prices of EVERY item are now being attributed wholly on the increased fuel prices… even if the item in question is a room in a guesthouse or locally brewed jamu (concoction from locally grown produce). Seems to me the locals have found the perfect excuse for even the most inexcusable price hike. Aduh!


  4. Thanks for posting this. One of the place not to visit in Solo! When we travel locally sometimes sellers try to hike up prices when they look at hubby but once I open my mouth and lament about how they try to rip me off in fluent indo they normally back down. Hubby may be a foreigner but I am a cheapo Indo 🙂


    1. It often happens once local vendors look at foreigners, especially “bule”, they try to rise up prices that don’t make sense at all. I’m a local indo but still got cheated anyways 😮 Thanks for visiting!


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