Instagram, Pinterest and Blogging Resolutions



The year 2015 is almost over. Within a couple of weeks, we are reaching the 52nd week and the 365th day of this year.

Recently, I’ve done an introspection about my blogging attitude. I realize that I’ve been one of the least productive bloggers for the last 4 years. I’ve been posting less than 100 articles since 2011, where everyone else can publish over 500 posts within the same period as mine. There are times I hibernate from blogosphere. The result of my absence is a quite significant amount of decreasing followers.

Writer’s block is not really an issue since I have too many things in my head that the ideas and words are sometimes tangled. I only need more time to construct them properly into something amusing to read.

So what are the real problems? I have too many distractions in real life apart from a day to day job, from too much hang outs (including late-night socialization), playing with my dearly doggie, yoga practices until too much TV time (Yes, too bad I cannot resist those series of Homeland, American Horror Story, CSI and box-office movies on cable TV). Focus and concentration are the main challenges I need to face at all times.

Nonetheless, they are not signs of my blogging retirement. Actually, I’ve been showing off my travel pictures on other platforms:

So, suppose you feel like viewing the pictures without scrolling all my posts, feel free to choose whatever platforms you like. I’ve been more active on Instagram lately that linked to my Twitter, but it doesn’t mean I leave Pinterest.

Moreover, I have some blogging resolutions for the coming year. First and foremost, I’ll do my best to post quality contents more often. Hopefully, once a week. Fingers crossed.

Also, I’m developing new pages in my blog:

  • Travel Tips

It’s a collection of all posts related to suggestions and tips based on my travelling experience in one page, with excerpts preceding direct links to the posts. In a nutshell, it’s a shortcut to all travel tips subjects I wrote. I haven’t shared much about tips so far, but I’ll do more writings about them in the future.

  • FunFAQs

FunFAQs is mainly short paragraphs about surprising, disturbing, interesting facts I discover about peculiar habits, attitude, architecture style, table manner, culinary etc in cities I’ve visited. Generally speaking, it’s suitable for those who want to have some light content posts to read fast

Please note that both Travel Tips and FunFAQs are purely personal since they all are based on my own experience. They do not always represent the whole image and idea of a country or a city. I do not endorse any brands I mention in my post either.

Merry Christmas for those who celebrate it. And happy holidays, happy new year everyone!



One thought on “Instagram, Pinterest and Blogging Resolutions

  1. I always looking forward to read your writting. I hope to read more in the future. Keep on posting and share your experiences with us. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR


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