Let the Dogs Out, It’s Spring Time!

Spring time in Japan is not solely about sakura or cherry blossom. What matters the most is the enthusiasm of Japanese people to welcome the little flowers ornamenting the country once a year by hanging out with friends, families and last but not least, the dog(s)!

I spotted many lovely dogs in different cities in Japan and getting a permission to pet and immortalized them with my camera, thanks to my PiC, is a rewarding experience. Despite a roller coaster journey in the country and language barrier is the one to blame, it doesn’t take a genius to know that the owners give a lot of love and are so proud with their four-legged fellas.

Coincidentally, this post is correlated to Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: Pets, that I stumbled upon not long ago.



The smell of onigiri and chicken karaage in front of a mini market is just hard to resist. On leash, buddy!

Asakusa, Tokyo

DSCF6556 copy

Strollers are not only for babies…

DSCF6712 copy

I’m a Spider-Man… Pug!


If he could talk, he would say, “I want my mommy back.” The crowds makes him nervous. But he is not allowed to follow his master to the store.

Miyagawa Morning Market, Takayama

DSCF6887 copy

Mr. Smiley

Somewhere close to our guesthouse, Takayama

DSCF7051 copy

“Stay away from my playground!” Okay, this dog is the most defensive and unapproachable one. He’s a good bodyguard and the owner is definitely proud of him.

Gion, Kyoto

DSCF7616 copy

Finally found a pure Japanese breed in Japan: Shiba Inu!

Kyoto Gyoen, Kyoto

DSCF7760 copy

This 9-year-old fella is still very energetic at her age. And forever young, too.

DSCF7765 copy

Want to untie me? Be my guest!


“Why my master lifts me up in front of sakura and expect me to face her phone before me is beyond comprehension. I’d rather walk on the ground as usual.”

DSCF7805 copy

“This keeps me save and warm.”

Oh, oh, oh…. kawaii!! I just can’t get enough of them! But yeah, I have to catch my flight back to my hometown. Sayonara!


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