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Instagram, Pinterest and Blogging Resolutions

  The year 2015 is almost over. Within a couple of weeks, we are reaching the 52nd week and the 365th day of this year. Recently, I’ve done an introspection about my blogging attitude. I realize that I’ve been one of the least productive bloggers for the last 4 years.

Baptism in the Bathroom

A place like Uilenstede, perhaps like many other student housings, all the young and (some) reckless youngsters can go in and out with such an ease, especially no access card necessary and no security guards in all towers. After a Chinese girl who came to my room, once inhabited by her

Sinterklaas Got Dirty on Christmas Day

SINTERKLAAS VS SANTA CLAUS The 25th day of December is what Christians around the world is waiting for. However, the Dutch are also looking forward to the 5th day of the month to celebrating Sinterklaasfeest or St. Nicholas Day. St. Nicholas (Sint Nicolaas) was originally a patron saint of children

I Remember: Why We Travel

I remember some jealous commentaries from European people about what my country, Indonesia, has: beach, sunshine and heat. A friend of mine in Helsigborg showed me the so-called “Tropical Beach” that draws the end of Swedish territory. Nothing special about it, until she told me this, “The beach is artificial.

Shit Happens in Leuven!

A “ritual” in a friend’s apartment could end up disastrous. One of the most awkward story of a gal’s life in travel, only revealed 7 years after the incident. And you (yes, YOU) are the first to know!

The Visitor at 439-5223

Back to my school life some years ago when I stayed in Uilenstede, a student housing district in Amstelveen, The Netherlands……. I  was alone in my room, cleaning a dusty desk, bedside table, and all the things I put on top. Suddenly, the loud sound of a doorbell broke the silence.

I Feel Like Travelling

While I was looking at my free postcard collections, I suddenly found the longest word count postcard I’ve ever had that really fits my travel blog, depicting various moods and feelings travellers might experience on their journeys. I started collecting postcards during my study life in The Netherlands in 2002

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