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When Prince Charming Lost His Charm

Once upon a time in Amsterdam, it was a sunny afternoon in spring when I was inside tram 5. Chattering crowds in multiple languages, buzzing sound of operating (tram) machine, the bell tolls and the station name announcement from the driver formed an orchestra of the day. Bunch of standing people

Gado-gado Soep: a Transition from Salad to Soup

How to turn salad into soup? It’s either the easiest question to answer or the most stupid question ever asked. If you are being naïve by saying, “Just pour water on it!”, that’s what I’m talking about. Today’s “victim” is gado-gado. Gado-gado is an Indonesian (specifically Javanese) salad dish with peanut

Politicians’ Parade on Queen’s Day

By the time I publish this post, the Dutch is in the middle of celebrating the most anticipated day nationwide: Queen’s Day (koninginnedag) on April 30. April 30 is the birth of Queen Juliana, the Mother of Queen Beatrix. She maintained her mother’s birthday as the official date of Queen’s day

Hidden Vintage: La Vie en Rose

Living or staying in a city or country for long time is not a guarantee that you’ve seen or known everything. Sometimes you just walk straight home or rush to school or office, unconsciously blocking your sensitivity on things around you. You know all the shortcuts to reach places you

The Visitor at 439-5223

Back to my school life some years ago when I stayed in Uilenstede, a student housing district in Amstelveen, The Netherlands……. I  was alone in my room, cleaning a dusty desk, bedside table, and all the things I put on top. Suddenly, the loud sound of a doorbell broke the silence.

Maastricht: Carnival Capital of The Netherlands

Maastricht might have been more well-known since Maastricht Treaty, which is responsible for Euro and European Union establishment. However, let’s focus on the cultural side of the town rather than politics and European economic crisis. Maastricht is the  capital city of Limburg province, the southern part of the Netherlands. Together

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